Introducing Professional Roof Cleaning Services

The roof of your house is one of the most important aspects of your property that protects your family from harsh elements. But let’s face it: your roof is subject to severe weather conditions, leaves, and debris that require proper maintenance. Most homeowners have put off regularly cleaning their roofs for years, and the dirt…

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Condos and Townhomes Washing From Us

If you’re in charge of the exterior appearance for a set of condos and townhomes, you know that it’s essential to have these buildings as clean as possible to keep current tenants happy and prospective tenants interested. The best way to get the best exterior appearance? Through the services of a trained, professional pressure washing…

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Clean Siding = Amazing Curb Appeal

When you think of a home with amazing curb appeal, your first thoughts may be of impressive landscaping or fresh paint. But, don’t forget the power of CLEAN. No matter what updates you make, they can only look their best when your home is free of dirt and grime.    At PSI, we use a…

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PSI Pressure Washing Siding Cleaning

                Choose PSI Pressure Washing for a powerful and long-lasting siding solution. Our soft washing services protect the long-term durability of exteriors, providing New Jersey homeowners with exceptional value for money. We’ll make your siding look as good as new. We serve these New Jersey areas: Clinton Annandale Lebanon…

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Want to Improve Your Yard? Pressure Wash Your Deck Area!


Maintaining your deck area in New Jersey can be a challenge. Use the wrong cleaning products, and you could do damage to the deck. So it’s a good idea to call in the professionals. You get the best cleaning without the hard work.   The benefits of professional deck maintenance are endless. You can enhance the…

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Building Washing: Your Key to Curb Appeal

We’re proud to live in a community where great businesses thrive. And our team is happy to play a role that supports your success. Our key to a thriving property? Regular exterior cleaning. This process is simple, straightforward, and affordable – and it brings your repute to center stage. Get Your Customers’ Attention (for the…

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Curb Appeal Starts at the Curb

PSI Pressure Washing

Our commercial clients know a thing or two about the impact of curb appeal on a business. When your property’s first impression is on point, your business benefits! But, when that first impression fails to impress, it drags you down. That’s why we address all the exterior cleaning needs of your property, starting with curbing! Concrete Cleaning…

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Make Your Parking Garage A Property Highlight

Parking Garage & Concrete Cleaning NJ

In many ways, your parking garage stands at the nucleus of your property. This is where customers enter and exit your business – and it’s the place where they form lasting impressions about their experience at your space.  We believe that your parking lot should be more than just “functional.” We believe that, with professional…

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House Washing

Residential Services

Rainfall totals in New Jersey were well above average in 2018. Some areas of the state breaking 70-year records. One of the side effects of this much rain is that you end up with lots of green algae and mildew on houses. Unless you’re a fan of the color green as your exterior colors, you…

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Commercial Building Washing

Commercial Building Cleaning services from PSI Pressure Washing. Call Today.

As a building owner or manager, you know that the exterior of your building is the first thing that visitors to the building will see. Believe it or not, curb appeal goes a long way towards attracting potential customers and clients, as well as keeping their business in the future. That’s why it’s important to…

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