Brick Pavers Cleaning & Resanding

Patio after brick cleaning in Central Nj

Unlike traditional concrete or asphalt surfaces that can withstand high-pressure washing, brick pavers need soft washing to keep them from being ruined. Stains from dirt, exhaust fumes, and footfall accumulate over time. Many homeowners struggle with keeping their brick paver driveways and walkways looking clean due to harsh weather, motor oil spills, sprouting weeds, and other…

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We Love Our Community! That’s Why We Strive To Keep It Clean!

At PSI Pressure Washing, we know that cleaning for our community is the number-one job. After all, we live here too, and it’s our job to make sure our community looks its best. That’s our mission, and we’re proud to provide the vital cleaning services our community needs.  What PSI Pressure Washing can do for…

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PSI Parking Garages

Car in parking deck

As a regular part of your building maintenance responsibilities, you must also ensure that your parking garage is kept clean. Many commercial building owners often neglect this important maintenance task, which results in poor first impressions for employees, visitors, or tenants. Additionally, a dirty parking garage can also be unsafe, and the last thing you…

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Don’t Let Your Concrete Pose a Safety Issue!

Office Building Windows

If you’re really in a mood to stress yourself out, take a gander at slip-and-fall statistics for commercial properties. The results are alarming – but they also highlight the need to keep your visitors, yourself, and your property protected from these mishaps. Know the risk of dirty concrete Poorly maintained concrete can be a contributor to slip…

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Complete Concrete Cleaning

Office Building Bank

Your property is dressed to the nines – your landscaping is immaculate, your signage is clear and professional, and your building exterior is spotless. But all of this can fall to the wayside if your concrete surfaces are bringing the rest of your property down. A giant eraser for concrete Concrete surfaces tend to be…

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PSI Residential Concrete Cleaning

White fence in front of a white and blue house

Your home’s concrete surfaces get bombarded by the elements all year long. The spring and summer seasons often do the worst damage as pollen, pollution, and dirty rainwater mars the beauty of your home’s exterior concrete. PSI’s residential concrete cleaning services will restore your concrete surfaces to their bright, clean condition. When we finish cleaning…

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Concrete Cleaning & Your Commercial Property

After Concrete Cleaning In New Jersey

Is your curb appeal slipping away from you? The culprit might be your concrete surfaces. These areas often get overlooked in the property maintenance shuffle, and it takes a toll on your first impression. A Better Pressure Washing Solution The good news is you don’t have to load up your to-do list with a bunch…

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3 Benefits of Dumpster Pad Cleaning

Concrete Paving Industrial

We know, we know. A dumpster pad isn’t the highlight of your property. But it is so, so necessary. But while your dumpster pad may not be your main attraction, it shouldn’t ever detract from the quality of your business. That’s where pressure washing comes in. Dumpster Cleaning & Your Property The benefits are plenty…

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Pressure Washing Services for Hillsborough, NJ

Pressure washing gun

Your Hillsborough home or business is always in good hands when PSI Pressure Washing is working behind the scenes. We specialize in exterior cleaning services that utilize the industry’s best technology to deliver the highest quality to your property. With a range of services that span window cleaning, house or building washing, concrete cleaning, and…

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