Before Soft Washing

Your house has vinyl siding and you need to have it pressure washed. As you probably have found out, rinsing it down with a garden hose or better yet borrowing your neighbor’s pressure washer just did not get it as clean as your thought it would. Homeowners in Hunterdon County New Jersey just assume that pressure washing their vinyl siding is as easy as washing a car or cutting the grass. Most have learned the hard way that pressure washing their house or deck is not as easy as it sounds. Pressure washing your house, whether it is vinyl, stucco, wood is a carefully orchestrated process that should be left to qualified experts in the pressure washing industry to perform.

As a homeowner, you run a very high risk of causing costly and sometimes permanent damage to your house or property by using a pressure washer.

Hiring a professional pressure washing contractor to perform the correct and right way to pressure wash your house is smart and worth the investment. A combination of cleaning soaps, heat, and low pressure are the key ingredients to a successful pressure wash job, especially when pressure washing vinyl siding.

Don’t run the risk of having water intrusion find its way underneath the eaves of your vinyl. This happens due to just using nothing but pressure from a pressure washer to serve or act as the ‘cleaning agent’. This procedure is incorrect not only for pressure washing vinyl but also for most surfaces at your house. We use low-pressure washing techniques.

So before you fire up the pressure washer that you purchased at the local hardware store to wash the property that you paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for, consider the option of hiring an insured professional company to perform the pressure wash services that you need.