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Residential Services
Residential Services

Roof Cleaning That Counts

It’s time to turn your attention towards your roof. Those green stains and black streaks aren’t just ugly - they’re eating away at your shingles. A regular roof cleaning service is the only way to get the most mileage out of your home’s top level.

The discoloration that you see on so many New Jersey roofing is typically caused by Gloeocapsa Magma, an algae-like bacteria that feeds on the asphalt particles in your shingles. As it eats away at your roofing, it continues to expand across your roof.

When your roof isn’t regularly cleaned, the implications affect the long-term quality of your property. Your roofing is no longer able to absorb heat efficiently, which shows on your energy bills. The degraded shingles require costly repair. And the curb appeal of your home plummets.

Before you spend thousands of dollars on a roof replacement, ask the experts at PSI Pressure Washing. We’ll save your investment with our residential roof cleaning solutions.

Residential Services

Roof Cleaning Before

A Better Roof Cleaning Solution

Two goals inform our roof cleaning service: Instantaneous benefits, and long-term results. This is why we always use a soft wash, no-pressure cleaning method to clean your shingles. Our approach washes your shingles without using force or harsh chemicals - and it gets the best result in the industry.

With our soft wash roof cleaning service, you’ll get:

  • Mold, mildew, and algae removal: Buildup on your roof? We’ll get rid of it! Our cleaners also discourage bacteria from cropping up in the future
  • Shingle protection: Our soft wash service keeps your roofing safe while it’s being cleaned. High pressure washing methods can result in cracked shingles, water damage, and other issues. We prevent all of that - and give you the best quality out there.
  • Safe cleaners and methods: All of our methods and equipment are industry-approved, so your roof can continue to be a benefit to your home for the long run.


For years, PSI Pressure Washing has delivered the best in roof cleaning to our residential customers. Our no-pressure, no-risk soft washing method helps your shingles maintain their durability… And look like new.

We know what New Jersey roofs are up against. As such, we have the tools and the expertise needed to provide a long-term solution for your shingles. Our team is skilled, dedicated, and capable. We don’t ever leave a job until we’re confident that we’ve given it the very best service out there. It’s a tall order – but high standards are what the PSI Pressure Washing team is about.

Residential Services
Roof Cleaning After

Why Choose PSI Pressure Washing

  • Years of roof cleaning experience
  • Modern roof cleaning equipment
  • A fully licensed and insured team
  • Safe and effective cleaners
  • Simple, no-obligation free estimates
  • Affordable and high-quality surface
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Our team knows how important your roof is to your home. With our soft washing service, our commitment to the best quality, and our dedicated team, we are proud to make your shingles last. Our customers always choose PSI Pressure Washing knowing that they’re getting more than one-time service – they’re getting expertise from professionals who care about the long-term quality of their property.

Roof Cleaning: A Solid Investment

A roof should be something you can count on. You should be able to rely on it to provide shelter and long-term reliability, to boost curb appeal and improve the value of your home.

But if your roof isn’t regularly cleaned, you aren’t just facing an eyesore: You’re dealing with an expensive roof replacement project. We put a stop to any of these issues before they start. With PSI Pressure Washing, you’re getting:

  • Extended life of your roofing shingles:: With consistent roof cleaning services, you can expect your shingles to last for more than a decade longer.
  • Insurance compliance: Many insurance companies rescind coverage if a roof isn’t in well-maintained condition. We keep your provider happy – and your policy intact.
  • Curb appeal: Put a roof covered in algae stains next to one that is completely clean. We all know which one wins the curb appeal competition.
  • Better resale value: A bad roof is one of the biggest deterrents to potential buyers. By protecting your shingles, you’re keeping your home attractive to everyone who sees it.

A well-maintained roof tops off every beautiful home. Get your roof cleaning solution from the experts at PSI Pressure Washing. With industry experience, commitment to your satisfaction, and rigorously high standards, you can’t find a better solution for your property.

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