Parking Garage Cleaning

Parking Garage Cleaning

A parking garage is a high-traffic area, and for many could also be the first impression someone has of your facility. That’s why ensuring the cleanliness of the parking garage is an important maintenance task that should never be dismissed. On top of first impressions, salts and other contaminants can get embedded into the concrete and eventually start to crack the parking structure. This is why we recommend pressure washing your parking garage at least once per year.  

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The professional team at PSI Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning LLC delivers a parking garage cleaning service that ensures your garage is inviting, clean, and safe.

We utilize our knowledge and state of the art equipment to provide a superior service:

  • Heavy-duty pressure washing: cleans deep to give your parking garage surfaces a clean and salt-free surface.
  • Hot water pressure washing: fights and defeats even the toughest dirt
  • Cleaning products: specially designed to cut through grease, stains, oil, and chewing gum

The Importance of Professional Parking Garage Cleaning

Without a regularly scheduled parking garage cleaning, your property could accumulate a great amount of dirt, contaminants, trash, natural debris, and stains. This obviously looks very unappealing to visitors and also puts visitors at risk. Accidents from slips and falls could make you liable and lead to lawsuits.

Parking garage cleaning helps you protect visitors from unnecessary accidents and injuries and also protects your investment. The accumulation of dirt, oil, auto fluids, and other debris isn’t just unsafe for people walking through the parking garage, but can also damage the concrete surface over time. Pollutants and contaminants can break down the durability of concrete or asphalt, leading to cracks and depressions that require costly repairs.

A clean parking garage also helps to discourage littering. If someone sees a bunch of trash strewn around the garage, they probably won’t think twice about tossing their own trash to the floor. But a clean parking garage helps to discourage such behavior.

A parking garage cleaning service you can rely on…

Parking garage cleaning is an important preventative maintenance task for any facility owner or manager that cares about presenting a positive image and improving safety for employees, patrons, and visitors.

Our professional team is fully licensed and insured. We possess the right equipment, knowledge, and skills to ensure the job is done properly and efficiently, with as little interference to your facility and its guests as possible. We can clean all entrances, ramps, and exits, leaving no area of the parking garage untreated.

  • We would be happy to meet with you at your facility to develop a parking garage cleaning and maintenance plan that suits your needs and your budget. Our services will help you retain the value of your property and protect your investment, while also ensuring safety and a professional, clean, and inviting appearance. Contact us today for a free demo. One time cleanings available!