Deck Cleaning In Central New Jersey
Deck restoration in central new jersey
Clean Deck In Central New Jersey

Outdoor entertaining is the new dinner party! The deck is one of America's favorite "rooms" of the home. It is the perfect place to fire up the grill for the neighborhood or relax in the fresh air.  A deck adds beauty and elegance to your home and increases your property value.

Over time, the sun, dirt, and overhanging trees can cause discoloration, stains, and mildew on your deck. To maintain its beauty, have deck cleaning preformed at least once a year. This regular maintenance cleaning provides several benefits:

  • Cosmetic Appearances

    By washing away surface stains and built-up dirt, your deck can be restored to its former condition. In addition, wood decks are especially prone to fading caused by the sun. An annual pressure-cleaning acts as an exfoliant for these faded wood fibers, revealing the beauty that lies below.

  • Safety

    Moisture leads to mildew. If parts of your deck are covered by trees or porch coverings, you may start to notice mildew growth. This growth is extremely slippery, especially on steps or stairs. In order to reduce the chances of a slip and fall, this mildew needs to be removed by a thorough cleaning.

  • Improved Property Value

    Homebuyers like ready-to-use outdoor spaces. They can easily visualize their own family grilling dinner on a well-kept deck. In keeping your deck maintained, your property value will benefit as well.

  • Longevity

    Regular cleaning of your deck removes microbes and organic matter that can cause it to prematurely rot.

Residential Wood & Trex Deck Cleaning Gallery

Most decks are constructed of either wood or composite material, known as Trex. Both of these materials require special care and consideration during the cleaning process. Incorrect cleaning methods can damage their surfaces.

At PSI Pressure washing, our professionals have the knowledge, skills, and equipment needed to restore your deck to a like-new condition. We place special emphasis on protecting not only your deck but the landscaping and other elements surrounding it. 

Using our specialized cleaning services, we can restore the beauty and integrity of your outdoor structures.

Contact PSI Pressure Washing to schedule your outdoor spruce-up today!

Frequently asked questions

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We can clean any kind of decking material – composite, wood, fiberglass, painted-stained wood.  With older soft composite decks requiring a little more time and care when cleaning, or newer materials that can handle a little more pressure : Our team has the knowledge and skills to get your deck looking its best! 

Yes.  It is the customers responsibility to move off all plants, decorations, chairs and anything else that might be in our way while cleaning.  BBQ grills, big tables and umbrellas can stay on the deck.  We do offer furniture moving as an add on service if needed.

No, we do not.  We do have a great painting company that we can refer you to after the pressure washing is complete.

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