Roof stains are actually green and black algae that has developed in shady areas where water collected on the roof. It is not always necessary to replace the affected roof shingles especially if there is no damage present. PSI Pressure Washing and Exterior Cleaning provides no pressure roof cleaning that removes and cleans these stains without damaging the roof.

Algae is not attractive and decreases the value of the home. It retains water that will damage shingles in the future or lead to the formation of mold and fungus. This can cause major health issues to those living in the dwelling. Dark algae absorbs heat and raises the interior temperature of the home. This results in paying higher utility bills to maintain cooler indoor temperatures during the summer.

Pressure washing uses a no pressure method with special chemicals to kill and remove roof stains. This method does not damage shingles, and the growth of mold and fungus is also prevented. Homeowners should consider PSI Pressure Washing and Exterior Cleaning before spending unnecessary time and money to remove and replace perfectly good shingles.