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For business owners, first impressions are a big deal. Before potential patrons ever walk through your doors, they develop an opinion about your business. Using cues given off by your storefront, location, and curb appeal, they decide if they can trust you.

Unfortunately, high-traffic public places can become very dirty, very quickly. Your outdoor concrete surfaces take the brunt of the damage from this constant flow of foot traffic. They quickly become littered with dirt, grease, salt, and even chewing gum. 

To the business owner, clean concrete is not only a cosmetic need but a liability issue as well. The buildup of algae and grime on sidewalks can cause a slip-and-fall hazard.

Fortunately, a safe and attractive business exterior is as easy as clean concrete. Our heavy-duty pressure washing solution produces a like-new, bright and beautiful surface. We use a variety of methods to achieve an optimal level of clean:

We use a variety of methods to achieve an optimal level of clean:

  • High-Pressure Wash - Washes away layers of salt and grime that have deposited on your concrete over time.
  • Hot-Water Pressure Wash - Uses the powerful action of hot-water cleansing to tackle tough stains such as grease or chewing gum.

Our specialized hot water cleaning method achieves a deeper level of cleanliness than traditional methods. Hot water melts away filth as it breaks the bond that stains have with your concrete. Dirt and filth wash away, leaving your surface sparkling. 


Commercial Concrete Cleaning Gallery

Many businesses benefit from a variety of our outdoor cleaning services:

       Business Entryway Cleaning

       Sidewalks and Walkway Cleaning

       Drive-Thru Lane Cleaning

       Dumpster Pad Cleaning

       Parking Area/Parking Garage Cleaning

       Graffiti Removal

       Gum Removal

We understand the ever-growing to-do list you face as a business owner. Your days are filled with tasks that aren't centered around the industry that you know and love.

PSI Pressure Washing is here to help you. We know concrete cleaning. We have the equipment, the expertise, and the time to take care of your exterior cleaning needs. Leave the concrete cleaning to us so that you can focus on the business that you love.

Contact PSI Pressure Washing today to schedule your regular maintenance cleanings. 


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