Before brick restoration in Central New Jersey
Brick Cleaning In Central New Jersey
After Brick Paver Restoration In Central NJ
Before Brick restoration In New Jersey
Patio after brick cleaning in Central Nj


Brick pavers give your property a unique richness that you treasure. So it is only natural that special care should be taken to preserve the beauty of this special part of your home. PSI Pressure Washing delivers with our professional brick paver cleaning service.


Your brick pavers are a unique surface. On one hand, they’re a complete decorative asset: they provide visual appeal, lasting value, and aesthetics to your space. But they’re also by nature a functional material. These are some of the surfaces the get the most traffic on your property – and if they aren’t maintained, the negative impact isn’t subtle. Most of the Pavers that our professionals work with have seen wear and tear from:

  • Grease, oil, and other vehicle leaks
  • Dirt, dust, and other embedded buildup
  • Stains that permeate the porous surface

Your pavers need to strike a precipitous balance between practical and decorative. Even more, they need to last. PSI Pressure Washing is the source your property needs for services that your hard scrapes can count on to last.


A property’s pavers don’t belong in a museum. They need to be able to stand up to activity from people, vehicles, and even pets. They need to look great no matter what the weather. And they need to be a source of functionality and visual appeal that can last.

Our service is built around these goals. We are proud to offer the best technology to our customers with a service that effectively restores your hardscapes to their pristine condition.

Here’s how it works:

  • Customized power washing
    Our pressure washing service is tailored to clean pavers. These surfaces are different from conventional concrete, asphalt, or otherwise – and that’s why our solution is designed to protect this unique material.
  • Polymeric sand technology
    We use this approach to reduce moss and weed growth and promote healthy and clean pavers.
  • Biodegradable cleaners
    Earth- friendly cleaning products ensure that you get the best standard of clean without harming the planet.
  • Experienced technicians
    All of the PSI technicians have been trained specifically to clean your pavers. This helps us bring the best service and results to your property.

We can restore the original rich, colorful look to your brick pavers so you can go on enjoying their beauty for years to come!


We love that our customers are unique – and we’ve worked diligently to create a service that recognizes that and addresses your special requirements.

Every PSI service stands out from our competitors. This is because we offer:

  • Wide-ranging solutions
    Our paver cleaning services are ideal for brick surfaces that include driveways, walkways, patios, porches, and more!
  • Licensed and insured service
    We provide that extra level of peace of mind with services that are completely insured, licensed, and safe for implementation.
  • Modern technology
    Your service deserves top of the line service. We make it happen with the most modern pressure washing technology.

When your New Jersey property needs professional attention, PSI Pressure Washing is here to help. We’ve been delivering paver cleaning solutions for years and we’re excited to keep the tradition going!


A clean foundation sets the stage for a beautiful property. We make your baseline a beautiful one with property services that preserve every aspect of your home or business.

We know how much clean pavers can benefit your property. With better safety, boosted lot value, and long-term quality, it’s a service that keeps your brick pavers can be a source for better curb appeal and lasting durability. We’re committed to the intersection of aesthetics and functionality… And the dedication shows.

From driveways to walkways, patios to porches, PSI Pressure Washing is here to bring a new life to your pavers. Get professional service from our experts that will truly restore your property.

Frequently asked questions

Please Contact Us If You Cannot Find An Answer To Your Question.

Yes.  The black staining is a combination of dirt and mold.  Brick pavers are very porous, so they hold moisture.  This leads to mold and dirt getting embedded into the bricks.  Our cleaning process involves applying a detergent to all pavers and then pressure washing every inch of the surface.  We will wash away all of the dead mold and dirt.

That will depend on how dirty the pavers are.  If you are just looking for a light wash to remove some surface dirt, the answer is yes.  If you have weeds growing in between the pavers, heavy dirt and mold buildup, then the answer is no.  This would require a high-pressure wash to get clean.

Yes!  We use only the best polymeric sand for your pavers.  This process would be completed after the power washing and once the pavers are completely dry, usually a day or two after power washing. We call this Brick Paver Restoration, feel free to ask for a quote on this service! 

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